< /reality > – Philosophical Visual Novel Trailer (Video)

< /reality > – Philosophical Visual Novel Trailer Video

Are you ready to dive into a new reality? The launch trailer shows Lilya, a withdrawn virtual reality nerd, taking the plunge into the neural world of Vitalia as a beta tester. But as the trailer hints, perhaps not all of InterMense’s incredible claims about their “perfect” technology are true. Lilya will soon find that she has signed up for much more than she expected. And the people she meets during the beta test may end up changing her life forever.

< /reality > is inspired by The Matrix films and the .hack//Sign series. Due to the flexible visual novel medium, players will be able to make frequent choices which will change the story in both subtle and major ways – from simple dialogue choices – to affecting the two perspective character’s psychological states – to re-directing the course of the entire narrative and conclusion.

In our increasingly tech-saturated world, < /reality > imagines a near future in which virtual reality has become the norm and the line between what is “real” and what is virtual has blurred. The game is a character-focused look at whether there is an objective “reality” – or if that concept is simply a myth. Is it only our perceptions of our realities that makes any difference in our lives?