2Dark gameplay trailer unveiled! (Video)

2Dark gameplay trailer unveiled! Video

A new gameplay trailer, revealing the dangers you will face in your quest to rescue the children from certain doom.

Ex-detective Smith risks his life to come to the aid of abducted children as he confronts deadly traps created by merciless psychopaths. Whether it’s Antonio Petronelli the clown or Dr. Ernest Miguele, each serial killer saves his share of horrible surprises for you.

A new horror game from Frédérick Raynal, creator of Alone in the Dark® and pioneer of the survival-horror genre, 2Dark is a stealth adventure game that will test your thinking skills to the limit. Its merciless difficulty forces players to master the mechanics of each level before succeeding in rescuing the kids.

Be bold and cunning in your investigation, use the shadows to your advantage, and above all rescue the children!