3on3 FreeStyle, Xbox One Receives Fall Customization Update

Joycity announces a new customization focused update for 3on3 FreeStyle on Xbox One.

The game’s character customization will receive an upgrade in this update. Hairstyles used to be a locked feature on the characters as part of their unique design but Joycity decided to open it up so players can further display their personality. 3on3 FreeStyle’s staple characters such as Joey, Cindy, Helena, Lulu, and Big Dog will receive a new hairstyle along with 9 vibrant colors to choose from.

Players will also be able to see how their characters would look on the court at the matching screen. They can see how the customized characters move and see the unique poses before stepping into the court.

The update will also increase the level cap from 40 to 100 which will bring new level-up rewards. All players reaching level 41 in the next 2 weeks will receive 100 points. The level cap increase will entice veteran players and new players alike to lace up and join the game. All returning veterans will receive Ability Cards and FreeStyle Tickets upon coming back. The new players will receive a Prestige 4 Character Selection Ticket and 50 Points to be used at the Shop for logging in every day.

Last but not least, the attendance system is also being updated to better serve the players. For those that attend for 27 days consecutively, new items such as the Ability Card Pack, FreeStyle Pack, and FS Points will be given. And for the 28th day login, coveted items such as the Intensive Manual along with the October Consecutive Login Nametag will be given.

3on3 FreeStyle on Xbox One launched worldwide in August of 2018. The game has expanded its publishing territories to 36 countries since then and has enjoyed an active and growing player base.

Official Website: http://3on3.fsgames.com/