3rd Eye, psychological horror adventure available on Windows & Mac

Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) publishing label UNTIES and 3rd Eye Project will open their 3rd Eye, the visually striking psychological horror adventure about an odd girl trapped in another world, is on Steam for Windows PC and Mac. Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 releases will follow in Q4 2019.

The young girl awakens, trapped in a strange alternate reality. Use the 3rd Eye, a supernatural ability allowing her to experience others’ dreams and nightmares through surreal visions. Talk to characters (dead or alive) and explore her surroundings to discover items and clues.

With the help of her gift, she hopes to return home. However, use her ability sparingly to avoid dreadful consequences. Only special eye drops will prevent the girl’s 3rd eye from becoming bloodshot and keep her hopes of returning home alive.

A dream-like, evocative art style distinguishes 3rd Eye and sets an unsettling tone for this point-and-click adventure. Teach a relatable lonely girl to use her special gift to understand the feelings of others and start building relationships that can ease her feelings of sadness and detachment in this touching story with three endings.

“The feelings of isolation 3rd Eye’s protagonist experiences are common even in today’s hyper-connected world,” said John Davis, G&R Representative, UNTIES. “We have an unprecedented window into the lives of others through our phones and social media, but FOMO (fear of missing out) and jealousy of seemingly picture-perfect lives can leave us feeling alone. 3rd Eye is a beautiful tale with an impressive art style that draws on those feelings to disturb.”

3rd Eye is a fan-made entry for the Touhou Project, one of dozens developed in the franchise’s more than 20-year history. The Touhou Project has also spread to other media including commercial fan books, music, light novels, manga and several fan-made anime in addition to the main series.

3rd Eye is available today on Steam for Windows PC and Mac and supports English and Japanese.