ArcheAge: Unchained, A thankful video for a successful launch

Following its successful launch, the highly anticipated Online RPG ArcheAge: Unchained is exceeding expectations! Upon release, thousands of players logged onto the European and North American servers, which gamigo answered by opening more servers during the night, to give everyone the opportunity to experience the best version of Unchained possible.

On the official ArcheAge: Unchained Discord, over 34k members are sharing their experiences with the game’s community managers and other players. Jake Song, Executive Producer of ArcheAge at XLGames, also expressed his gratitude towards the community in a personal message on gamigo’s Twitch Channel: “[…] I would like to say thank you to our players from the North American and European Regions, for loving our game. ArcheAge: Unchained is now ready for you and I hope you will enjoy it […]”  His entire message can be viewed in the video linked below.

About ArcheAge: Unchained

The buy-to-play version of the successful Fantasy MMORPG allows players to access everything that has been developed for ArcheAge to date. It gives adventurous players the opportunity to claim even the most powerful items of the ArcheAge universe through sheer skill and their abilities. Talent alone will determine every player’s success in the game’s manifold quests and challenging dungeons. For the first time, pirates now can participate in PvP-battles thanks to the new Siege and Territory System. The update Shadows Revealed breathes fresh air into the world of ArcheAge: Unchained, offering a myriad of graphical enhancements and the visually improved elven race. The new skillset Swiftblade enables shadow warriors to prove their might in dashing duels.

More details about ArcheAge: Unchained are available on the official website.