Astral Defense, Stellar pixel shooter

A brand new Minnesota based Indie Game Studio, Pixel Pajama Studios, introduces their first title, ‘Astral Defense.’ Avoid all the laser you can in this procedurally generated galactic throwback.

Astral Defense is a tiny pixel art space shooter designed for mobile. Each wave randomly generated and endlessly scaling with difficulty. Collect power-ups and conserve special ammo for more troublesome Alien Vessels. Inspired by retro arcade classics such as Galaga.

Solely developed over the course of two months by self taught Indie Developer and Co-Founder of Pixel Pajama Studios, Derek Sonnenberg (fedellen). “It was time for me to make a space game,” said fedellen. “After learning to draw and program, my new goal was to release our first game.”

– Six unique Enemy Vessels
– Endless Waves of Scaling Procedural Generation
– Shields and Ship Power-Ups
– Retro Themed Art, Sound, and Chiptune
– Three Special Ammo Types

Pixel Pajama Studios is a tiny indie game studio based in Minnesota USA. Co-Founders Derek Sonnenberg (fedellen) and Bonnie Thompson (abonbon) initially began their pixel art journey as an enjoyable hobby to share together in late May of 2018. The idea quickly emerged to turn their art into games.

Download Astral Defense for free on the App Store or Google Play! PC and Mac versions are also available.

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