Perfect (Video)

Perfect Video   About Perfect Relaxation seekers instantly transport from reality into three idyllic locations – Tropical Beach, Northern Lights and Mountain Wilderness. Choose different times of day and viewing points to find that perfect location. Look around, interact with your surroundings and find that special moments using motion controllers on all three VR platforms …

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Shock Tactics (Video)

Shock Tactics Video   Shock Tactics combines fast tactical combat, exploration, squad management and base-building with a mysterious story set on the planet Hephæst.    Players lead a team of mercenaries working as trailblazers for the first wave of Free Space Pioneers exploring a newly discovered alien planet. While searching the hostile world for alien …

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Abadon: Guardians Rise (Video)

Abadon: Guardians Rise Video About Abadon: Guardians Rise Set against the backdrop of a mysterious extra-terrestrial infestation, Abadon: Guardian’s Rise is a 2D platformed, Roguelite tale of an elite planetary defense task-force in development by Ummagumma Games. With features such as that of uniquely customizable characters and dynamically structured levels, vicious enemy design, co-operative game play …

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Rakuen (Video)

Rakuen Video Rakuen is an adventure game about a little Boy who lives in the hospital. One day, the Boy asks his Mom to escort him to the fantasy world from his favorite storybook, so that he can ask the Guardian of the Forest to grant him one wish. In order to receive his wish, …

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Rise & Shine (Video)

Rise & Shine Video Combining elements of arcade shooters, bullet hells, and puzzle-platformers, Rise & Shine is a skill-testing tribute to everything we love about video games, injected with just the right amount of humor. To save Gamearth, Rise must work closely with his new partner Shine, whose add-ons, special bullets, and loud-mouthing are key …

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Splasher (Video)

Splasher Video Splasher is a challenging platform game, loaded with lots of humor and surprises. Armed with a splattering cannon, the hero launches an attack on the Inkorp paint factory to rescue his companions, the Splashers, and put an end to the malicious plans of its big boss: the infamous Le Docteur. Each color of his weapon …

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Disco Dave (Video)

Disco Dave Video   Disco Dave, a neon extravaganza with lots of characters and cute voxel graphics. “Disco Dave looks like an appealing time-waster for any high-score fanatics who want to try something new” said Rob Funnel,   “There are more than enough people out there who just want to get down on the …

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Animated Puzzles Star (Video)

Animated Puzzles Star Video   About Animated Puzzles Star: Animated Puzzles Star is a Jigsaw -style puzzle game with a fun and fascinating twist, animated pictures. A wonderful pastime, in which beautiful photos are combined with natural motions and effects, giving you a Jigsaw experience out of the ordinary.