Autonauts, violence-free colony management game on Windows

Quirky indie developer Denki and fast growing UK publisher Curve Digital proclaimed to the world that the colorfully creative and refreshingly violence-free colony management game Autonauts is out for Windows PC on Steam.

Autonauts challenges players to colonize fertile alien worlds for the benefit of humanity with an array of robot helpers at their disposal. Utilizing a visual programming language inspired by Scratch, players can playfully program their helpers to perform basic tasks like chopping down trees to more complicated duties like baking pies, fishing, marshalling other robots and more!

Autonauts comes from the minds of former DMA Design creative director Gary Penn and technical director Aaron Puzey, and has been downloaded over 330,000 times since the game’s pre-pre-pre-alpha debuted on back in 2017.

It’s no wonder then that Autonauts has become Curve Digital’s most wish listed title in the publisher’s history, proving that gamers worldwide are looking for this kind of colorful, creative and intellectually stimulating experience.

Autonauts’ launch on Steam marks the game’s evolution into a full 1.0 release and features a fully-fledged campaign mode, a complete audiovisual makeover, massively expanded research possibilities utilizing the love economy, built-in Autonautopedia wiki, achievements and lots more to play with including transportation, animal husbandry, mix ‘n’ match multipart bots and more!

Autonauts combines the very best of agriculture, simulation, crafting, and production-line genre games into one approachable, stress-free package. Players are free to explore their creativity in Colonize Mode which introduces all the game’s different components step-by-step, Free Mode where all structures are unlocked straight away and Creative Mode where players have unlimited resources to build the off world colony of their dreams.

Additionally, everyone who supported Autonauts development with a donation of at least $20 during its pre-alpha on will receive a Steam key for the game at launch for no extra cost. This is Denki’s way of saying thank you to all those who had faith in the game, from its earliest beginnings.