Bake ‘n Switch, ‘Flavourful’ videos wets our appetites

Buns are flying and taste buds are quivering in a quirky new video featuring the different dough flavors in an upcoming party game, Bake ‘n Switch, coming to Steam Early Access (Windows) in early 2020. Featuring level after level of dough flinging pandemonium, Bake ‘n Switch invites you to get baked early next year!

About Bake ‘n Switch
Long ago in a bakery far, far away the Scourge and the Bakers standoff in an epic battle for the adorable dough creatures that make up their precious food source. By combining the “doughbies”, players can make heaving mounds of dough in the oven before time runs out and defeat the Scourge!

Four Bakers are planned for the Early Access launch, including Ginger, Parsley, Thyme and Rosemary with more planned to help fend off Stickies, Spores, and Mouldies through levels of co-op or PVP baking pandemonium! Throughout the Early Access phase, Streamline plans to update Bake ‘n Switch based on player feedback, so add it to your Wishlist on Steam today to receive beta updates and help continue to build and shape the game!