Battle Supremacy: Evolution, sci-fi warfare simulator on Switch

Atypical Games today launched sci-fi warfare simulator Battle Supremacy: Evolution for Nintendo Switch. Players can experience the thrill of vehicle-morphing combat where players transform vehicles from tank to drone to airplane in the heat of battle in a variety of singleplayer game modes.

Battle Supremacy: Evolution includes:

  • Hybrid Combat: Adapt to any adversary or environment by transforming any vehicle from tank to drone to airplane during combat.
  • Dynamic Environments: Engage in epic battles across detailed—and destructible—sceneries ranging from futuristic cities and white-sand beaches to the post-apocalyptic Doomland.
  • Over 100 Missions: Conquer the battlefield and airways in over 100 thrilling single-player missions.
  • Upgrade and Unlock: Earn, upgrade and unlock devastating vehicles all by in-game means.