Billy Bomber, logic game on Nintendo Switch

A logic game that requires a creative approach and the appropriate use of springs and TNT, and each level can be completed in many different ways. Billy Bomber is available on Nintendo Switch.

The main goal of the game is to transport a pyrotechnic to the exit. This is only possible through the accurate positioning of the TNT and the springs, and then starting a special chain reaction. The correct planning of the “path” is essential in this case. What is important is that each of the levels in the game can be completed in different ways – as a result, the player has almost complete freedom in choosing the tactics.

The title offers a total of 25 different levels to complete. The gameplay is additionally prolonged by the possibility to choose the level of difficulty (normal or hardcore).

Billy Bomber – main features:

  • requires imagination and creativity

  • 25 different levels

  • springs and TNT

  • intuitive control

  • two game modes (normal and hardcore)