Bookbound Brigade, new feature gameplay trailer

Intragames and Digital Tales released a new feature trailer for their 2D side-scrolling platformer on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.

Bookbound Brigade is about beating the hell out of historical and literary characters you studied in school by leading a dream team of real and fictional heroes through a 2D side-scrolling platform-adventure. It will take the likes of Dracula, King Arthur, Queen Victoria, Nikola Tesla, Cassandra, Dorothy Gale, Sun Wukong the Monkey King and Robin Hood to assemble and avenge a world plunged into chaos following the theft of the ‘Book of Books’, a volume encompassing every single work of fiction and non-fiction ever written.

    • 8 Larger-Than-Life Heroes
    • 1 Bookbound Brigade
    • 4 Lethal Formations
    • 16 Signature Skills
    • 5 Non-Linear Themed Worlds
    • 50+ VIP NPCs
    • 40+ Deadly Enemy Types
    • Plus, countless platforms, puzzles and fights!

Bookbound Brigade will be released digitally later this year on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.