Bury me, my Love, Documentary film to show how it was all done

Discover how Bury me, my Love was created in a dedicated documentary feature film

Two years ago, we released Bury me, my Love, our first independent video game. It was inspired by real-world people and events and told the story of Nour, a Syrian woman who tries to reach Europe and safety.

The game received public and critical acclaim, with two BAFTA nominations and a fair share of awards. But even before it was out, independent documentary filmmaker Danny Fonseca heard about the project and loved it enough to start working on a movie about how the game was made.

Danny really wanted to understand what it meant to make a reality-inspired game. He asked us about our process, the challenges we faced, the – sometimes negative – criticism we received. We tried to answer as honestly and straightforwardly as we could.

The result, Bury Me My Love – A Split/Screen Documentary, is available on YouTube, with full English dubbing & subtitles. We believe it’s a faithful account of the creative, political and ethical questions we faced making the game. We also hope that it’s a valuable addition to the general discussion about what video games are – and can be.

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