Candleman, a puzzle platformer game (Video)

Candleman, a puzzle platformer game Video

About Candleman
Amid darkness and danger, help Candleman navigate his way to the distant light with only 10 seconds to glow. How far can you travel alone in the dark? Candleman is an odyssey through things that go bump in the night.

The puzzle platformer will place players in control of a little candle tasked with finding the way through each dark adventure with only 10 seconds of candlelight per level.

Players embark on each in-game level with a full-size Candleman equipped with the ability to produce 10 full seconds of candlelight. Beware the darkness and those dangers that inhabit it, but know that each use of candlelight results in melted candlewax, generating a lighter and more maneuverable Candleman. Take care to safeguard your remaining candlelight; should you use your 10 seconds entirely, you’ll surely perish in the darkness.