CardLife, Biggest content update so far brings new enemies

Freejam, the developer of indie hit Robocraft and the soon to be released Robocraft Royale, is excited to unveil the biggest content update so far to their pre-alpha Early Access title CardLife.

CardLife allows players to explore, fight, build, and survive in a world constructed entirely from recycled cardboard. This unique, abstract art style is enhanced by the unique Connect the Dots (CTD) crafting system, which enables players to hand-draw almost any craftable item in-game, from swords to creature companions. User Generated Content (UGC) has always been key to Freejam’s ethos, and with CardLife they look to take this to the next level. The game is just the beginning – this is an entire modding platform just waiting to welcome the most creative and imaginative players out there.

The upcoming update to the hugely ambitious title includes a range of new features, from new enemies patrolling the world, to an expansion to the existing crafting system. One of the most exciting new elements is the introduction of shared building – players will now be able to grant permissions to other players to contribute to their own constructions. This should see even more huge, complex buildings springing up in the world of CardLife, as the creativity and innovation of the players is let loose.

Each update to CardLife sees the game move closer to the final vision of the developer, and Freejam is truly looking to collaborate with its players, through both the invaluable feedback that comes with Early Access and through supporting modding wherever possible.

CardLife Co-Game Director Rich Tyrer is eager to share this first major content update with the world. “The way we’re developing CardLife, the players are really on this journey with us. What started out as a small experiment seeing players tinker with some simple cardboard creation tools is now growing into a fully fledged survival game built on customization and a unique science fantasy setting. Soon we hope to see fully-functioning cities populated by guilds of wizards, mountain fortresses manned by space marines, and huge fantastical creatures, all in the same world – and all made from recycled cardboard.”

Tyrer sees this as just the seed that blossoms into something bigger though. “We want CardLife to be a platform for creatively-minded people to share their cardboard creations from simple mods to whole new worlds and games. We have developed CardLife to be purely data driven with the goal of allowing modding to be as simple as possible. Like a child playing with a cardboard box, their imagination is the only limit.”

The hyper-customizable nature of CardLife allows Freejam to bring together disparate influences, from fellow survival titles such as Minecraft or Ark to the inspirational creativity of the highly-engaged Robocraft audience.