Cecconoid, When Cybernoid met Robotron, this is the resulting progeny

Entitled Cecconoid, Triple Eh? Ltd’s new title is another modern game that isn’t afraid to remix the past, melding the flick-screen exploration of Raffael Cecco’s 8bit classic, Cybernoid, with the raw adrenaline of Eugene Jarvis’ twin-stick masterpiece, Robotron.

“Cecconoid is a short exploration of pure video games… Those glowing, pulsing, noisy games of our youth”, explains Noyce.

“What happens if we inject a bit more power into a ZX Spectrum, give it two joysticks, and then turn Cybernoid up to 11? And more importantly, what if everything exploded into its own pixels, while flashing bright lights in our eyes?

Turns out it’s sweaty palms, and a whole load of swearing. As it should be.

Cecconoid features 50+ rooms, 6 power-ups, online Leaderboards (Steam only) a banging soundtrack from the Demoscene’s DJ Hoffman, and a brand new pixelated loading screen from the incredibly talented, industry veteran, Ste Pickford.

Cecconoid also includes an entire bonus game; Eugatron, which takes its cues from arcade maestro’s such as Jeff “Yak” Minter, and Rob “Ol’ Man Of Indie” Fearon, delivering 50 levels of areana-based shooting, with power-ups and online high-scores.

Cecconoid will release on Itch.io and Steam for Windows and Linux on the 8th of
October, with mobile versions – published by Thalamus Ltd – following later this year.