Chains of Fury, comic shooter’s trailer

Chains of Fury is a new shooter (FPS), which Gaming Factory S.A. will release next year on Windows PC and Nintendo Switch. The creators are preparing such things as comic graphics, a very expanded environment destruction system as well as intense and brutal gameplay. The release of Chains of Fury is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2020.

The game is created by the Polish companies – Art Games Studio S.A. and Cobble Games. The publisher will be Gaming Factory S.A.

The creators announced that Chains of Fury will be a shooter offering both the possibility of single player and multiplayer mode (split-screen mode). The story is set in a distorted version of the future, and the main character will be a bloodthirsty mercenary.

Players can expect a unique combination of the best elements known from shooters of the 1990s and quite modern solutions. As a result, the title will be accessible to new players as well as “veterans” who played two decades ago.

Chains of Fury in a certain sense is a tribute to the old FPS’s for their uncompromising fun and graphic novels. Among the inspiration behind Chains of Fury, I can mention the cult comic series Lobo and Hellboy as well as drawings by Mike Mignola. The gameplay itself will be intensive, brutal and bloody but of course within the limits of the slightly grotesque comic convention” says the CEO of Cobble Games and the originator of the game, Krzysztof Orzędowski.

As Krzysztof Orzędowski explains, Chains of Fury will offer a comprehensive environment destruction system. The player can destroy at least 80 percent of the walls in a given level. The possibilities of spreading destruction will translate directly into gameplay – it will be possible, for example, to pave a brand new way to complete a given level and use the environment to surprise enemies. The creators are also preparing numerous secrets to discover.

This will be a breath of fresh air in the FPS shooter segment. Chains of Fury in a unique way will combine the experiences known to players from games from years ago with contemporary and proven solutions. Hypnotizing comic stylistics and the wide possibilities to destroy the environment will allow players to finally receive a title that will certainly be remembered for a long time” added the CEO of Art Games Studio S.A., Jakub Bąk.

Chains of Fury – main features:

  • Brutal and bloody and intense gameplay;

  • Comic graphics;

  • An innovative environment destruction system;

  • An expanded arsenal full of crazy weapons;

  • 6 different worlds;

  • Numerous references to classic shooters;

  • Metal soundtrack;

  • Multiplayer mode (with split-screen).

The premiere date of Chains of Fury on Windows PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2020. The publisher does not rule out that the game will also later appear on other consoles.