Chippy, twin-stick bullet-hell shooter on Steam

Chippy, a twin-stick bullet-hell shooter is available on Steam. This elegant arcade game, brought to you by the developers behind cult favorites Rust and Garry’s Mod, presents players with competitive challenges, with the aim to dodge, shoot and ultimately destroy 14 multi-form bosses, fighting their way to the top of the leaderboard.

Chippy’s huge retro-style bosses rain down ridiculous amounts of firepower. Players will need to destroy them by slicing off bigger and bigger sections, piece by piece, pixel-by-pixel, until their core is annihilated. It’s fast. It’s difficult. You’ll die a lot (Facepunch want you to).

This frenetic game doesn’t waste time on arduous cutscenes; instead players get right into the action with a fast, skippable tutorial – no frills, no fuss.

Gamers can also:
– Choose to play offensively or defensively, based on skill level, assisted by a variety of powerups
– Watch replays with slow motion and fast forward while also being able to hijack and take control of other players replays
– Comment on the action

Chippy is available to download on Steam for $14.99 now: