Cris Tales, Indie JRPG homage available on Xbox Game Pass from day one

Indie publishing label Modus Games announced that Cris Tales, the upcoming indie love letter to classic JRPGs will simultaneously release with Game Pass when it launches on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Windows PC in 2020.

Following its debut as the “sleeper hit” of E3 2019, Cris Tales sees players teaming with fiery protagonist Crisbell, a heroine who can influence events and turn-based battles across simultaneous visions of the past and future. Whether solving a quest or warping foes to another period for a tactical advantage, Crisbell’s incredible time magic is vital to her party’s success, as well as their fate across the game’s multiple possible endings.

Cris Tales’ mesmerizing world of Crystallis draws inspiration from Colombian architecture and scenery, with lush, hand-drawn vistas bursting with color and fantastical architecture reminiscent of the country’s intricate treasures. This gorgeous land’s fate rests solely in Crisbell’s hands, as a cunning Empress seems bent on destroying Crystallis for her own gain.