Crows Crows Crows Launches “The Club”


From key developers behind cultural milestones such as The Stanley Parable, Accounting+ and EAT comes “The Club”. A mission-less, non-competitive, ONLINE music listening game.

“It’s a lot like a mix between Journey, RuneScape and that time U2’s new album got auto-installed on everybody’s iPhones.”


The Club will launch with over 100 original songs produced entirely by the Crows Crows Crows Discord Community using THE CLUB SAMPLE PACK (produced by Webby Award winning Silkersoft). Players can enter the club, dance with their friends and even get into arguments (just remember to take it outside)! Perhaps together we can begin to understand the many hidden secrets of… The Club.

Anybody can download THE CLUB SAMPLE PACK and create their own musical masterpiece! Even if you’ve never made a piece of music before you can use our 300+ samples to get creative. If you’re feeling brave you can submit it to Bartleby (The Club Owner) and maybe he’ll give it a “spin” on the “decks”. New Samples, Music, Locations and Characters may be added in future seasons (just like Fortnite!!!)

Link The Club to your friends and explore the countless wonders of The Club together! Visit… The Dance Floor… The Backstage Area… The Bathroom… and who could forget the fabled Outside Place? All of these fantastical locations are available for players of all levels to explore from Day 1.

All you need is a web browser that supports WebGL. There’s no launcher, no account signup, no microtransactions. Play now at

Read more in the Crows Crows Crows email #28 courtesy of BARTLEBY (Club Owner)

How does this make you money?

“The first 10,000 days of the club will be free, after that we will shift into the second phase of our monetisation plan and start charging for watered down drinks.”

How can a small indie studio effectively moderate such a huge online space?

“Well we have employed the Mario Kart Method of giving all players a set of 45 phrases that they can combine to communicate anything somebody would need to say in The Club.”

Can you give me some examples?

“Sure! We have “Press T to Talk”, “No Way!”, “I know the guy who owns this place!”, “I’m using tilt controls!”- you know, all of the basics.”

Can you have sex in The Club?

“We didn’t design The Club to allow any behaviour that is not family friendly, but I am sure, somehow people will find a way.”

Can you get drunk/smoke in The Club?

“We aren’t shipping with drinking/smoking support – however we are a studio that eagerly listens to our community, especially when they are using our 45 preset phrases.”

How many players can be in The Club?

“We don’t know. We think 1000 at once, but we’ve been wrong before.”