Death Lap,’ a VR Combat Racing Game Coming Soon

Death Lap, VR Combat Racing Game Coming Soon for the Oculus Quest and Rift Platforms

Death Lap is a VR Combat Racing Game that breaks all the traditional rules of the road. Unlimited hours of wilderness challenges and rewarding experiences where racers fight for more than their life in its brutal tracks of no rules, no fear.

Racers experience the danger and beauty of racing at the limit in five devious tracks, navigate through dozens of obstacles, chase other players through crazy jumps, surprising tunnels and enjoy unknown velocities.

Key Features

  • Fast driving. Master your steed in first or third-person view. Use it to its best capacities, drift and jump over the minefield as quick as you can.

  • Battle for survival. Use the deadly supply of weapons, maneuver undetected into the hostile run, execute combat tactics for attack or defense, and enjoy a good shot of adrenaline.

  • Choose your car. Select your favorite vehicle to brave the peril of the show. Each car has a unique personality with its own set of weapons and abilities.

  • Ruthless tracks. Enjoy various races environments as wild and bloody as beautiful. Take advantage of its secret paths and obstacles.

  • Cunning strategies. Use your car and environment wisely. Get the bonuses scattered around and use them smartly.

  • Single or multiplayer. Play against the AI or real players to test your might and speed. Maybe you’ll be strong enough to get on the pantheon of greatest players.

Vehicles & Weapons

Players can choose from five different cars to match their playstyle. Racers continuously put their lives on the line. Each of them possesses a long-range weapon (LRW), a close-range weapon (CRW) and a special power. The LRW allows players to hit their enemies at long distances or activate traps. And the CRW triggers automatically when an enemy is at a range.