Desert Child, Hoverbike racer game coming to PC and consoles

Akupara Games announced their partnership with Oscar Brittain to publish Desert Child, a hoverbike racing RPG for consoles and PC. After a successful campaign on Kickstarter, developer Oscar Brittain has signed with Akupara Games to bring Desert Child to the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC/Mac (Steam and Game Jolt). No release date has been set yet, but a late 2018 launch is targeted.

In Desert Child, players will race on vintage hoverbikes in an effort to make enough money to get off Earth before it blows up and escape to the Red Planet. In between races, players can sell gun parts for money, repair and customize bikes, and eat ramen to fuel up.

Game Features
·     Hunt bounties, deliver contraband, throw races – do anything you can to earn cash.
·     Explore a pixel-art solar system inspired by Cowboy Bebop, Akira and Redline.
·     Customize your beloved bike with Guns, Amplifiers and tasteless bumper stickers.
·     Dine on a range of interplanetary cuisine with sweet buffs to help you win.
·     Master deep combat and racing mechanics and define your own style.
·     Race, shoot, and get better! Designed for replayability, with secrets that keep you coming back.
·     Chill to a sci-fi soundtrack.