Die by the Blade, Samurai fighting game coming in 2020

The gaming legacy left to the annals of history by titles like Bushido Blade and Way of the Samurai has inspired countless developers. Toko and Co. want to bring the one-hit-kill brutal action sword fighters to a new generation.

Die by the Blade takes realism in sword fighting to the modern spectrum. Learning from the originators of the genre, the aim is to refine a fighting experience into a golden standard of gameplay that keeps evolving as the game develops.

In addition to skill centric 1v1 setting, the game aims to explore different player amounts, styles, and environments. The goal is to create challenging progression system tied in with unlockables and items to show off your status. Multiple characters, swords, and clothing options will be added to the game during development. On top of this a roguelike adventure mode is being explored as future content.

Die by the Blade will be released for the Windows PC via Steam Q1 2020.