DOGFIGHTER -WW-2, Warplane Information Revealed

IGGYMOB Co. Ltd., announced the warplane information of PlayStation®4 Exclusive

DOGFIGHTER –WW2-, developed together with GRUMPY & I-Bong.

North American P-51 Mustang

North American P-51 Mustang was known to be the warplane that can fly the highest and fastest from all warplanes from WW2.

It has the fastest maximum speed and it can load a lot of items.

P-51 Mustang was being used from World War 2 to The Korean War.

Its blazingly fast speed and 12.7mm M2 browning heavy machine gun, that is installed on each wing, will pressure the opponent all the time.


Spitfire is called “The most beautiful Propeller Aircraft” in the world.

Spitfire was being used from World War 2 to the Korean War and Middle East War.

It is known to be the most made Warplane from The Allied Forces during World War 2.

7.7mm Standard Machine Gun & its additional 20mm Hispano-Suiza HS. 404, that is installed in each wing, will give confident boost to every player who want to use Spitfire.


The warplane that made the best pilots of Germany in World War 2.

Out of all the warplanes in game, this one has the best ascending/descending abilities and its 7.7mm/20mm Cannon, Done by Propeller Shaft, will provide pleasant experience in Battle Royale to all users.


The main warplane from Japan in World War 2.

It’s mobility in low speed was second to none because of the flap.

They proved themselves in the earlier Pacific War with their mobility, ascending speed and their fighting ability in the high altitude.

Their amazing mobility with 7.7mm Cannon/20mm Armor-piercing shell will be a threat to all opponents.

DOGFIGHTER –WW2- lets you become the pilot of the authentic warplanes of World War 2,that are replicated, and dogfight in battle royale against maximum of 40 players.

Players can utilize decal, skin and cosmetic items to customize your own warplane and take that warplane to the battlefield to dogfight in battle royale with maximum of 40 people.

DOGFIGHTER -WW-2 is scheduled to be released Autumn 2019 on the PS4.