Drone Strike Force, Download the trial to experience the game

Odisi Games and Nimble Giant Studios announced that players can now test their skills in Drone Strike Force for free. Download the trial on Steam (Windows) to take on the challenge of warfare and experience the full game with access to three of the featured drones. Everyone who gets into the action with the free trial will score free bonus coins with purchase.

Drone Strike Force is a high-octane competitive, skill-based game that is bringing new challenges to the FPS genre with its unique aerial combat and highly-skilled competitive gameplay. Drone Strike Force takes things to all-new levels in modern warfare – high into the skies with the sort of combat never before seen in a competitive shooter.

About Drone Strike Force
In the mid-21st century, citizen soldiers and corporations battle it out against each other to claim control of cities ravaged by global warming. Command next-generation military UAV drones via a state-of-the-art Drone Brain Meld Interface (DBMi) that provides instantaneous neural control. Work in teams to capture critical control nodes. Gain experience from battles to upgrade your drone with added functionality and add new drones to your garage.

Fly and shoot at high velocity while using the environment and your drone’s agile capabilities to outmaneuver enemies and give your team the win. Choose from a number of unique drones, weapons, perks, and abilities to customize each loadout to your own personal playstyle.