Ellipsis – Evade. Elude. Survive. (Video)

Ellipsis – Evade. Elude. Survive. Video

About Ellipsis
Play Ellipsis at your own pace. Explore your mysterious surroundings and solve puzzles by leisurely gliding through levels and unlocking secrets. Or, race deftly through the universe, evading enemies and attacks before they have a chance to activate. No matter how you play, Ellipsis will challenge you, screen after screen, from start to finish.
Ellipsis’s minimalist world is easy to pick up for both experienced and seasoned players alike. Each hand-crafted stage has been masterfully designed to guide you through increasingly challenging puzzles and enemies, developing your skills along the way. With 8 worlds and over 150 unique levels, Ellipsis keeps you on your toes and coming back for more.