EMMA: Lost in Memories, platform runner is available

Independent games developer SandBloom Studio releases EMMA: Lost in Memories on Steam (Windows PC),  iOS and Android.

EMMA: Lost in Memories is an action running platformer in which you will have to double jump, duck, dash and climb to reach the exit in every stage. Be quick enough to avoid falling out of the screen since the platforms and the walls disappear progressively when you touch them!

EMMA: Lost in Memories gets inspiration from games like Super Meat Boy for its quickness and puzzle-like levels, and Celeste for its simple reusable mechanics”, says Julien Gatumel, PR Director at Sandbloom Studio. “It is also inspired by Alto’s Adventure for its mood and minimalistic art.”

EMMA: Lost in Memories features 140+ single-screen levels, and two game modes –Main Story and Memory Chest– in an eccentric, minimalistic 2D setting completely drawn by hand. The game is actually a poetic and melancholic story about memory loss.


  • Simple fade-away mechanics.
  • Minimalistic 2D artistic style completely drawn by hand.
  • Dynamic gameplay in a poetic eccentric world.
  • One-screen levels.
  • Two game modes: Main Story and Memory Chest.
  • Delicate story about adventure and memory loss.