Eye of the Temple, upcoming room-scale VR game reveal trailer

Danish independent developer Rune Skovbo Johansen released the reveal trailer for his upcoming room-scale VR title Eye of the Temple, a VR puzzle action game that lets players explore a treacherous temple with a unique sense of immersion.

Eye of the Temple puts you in the shoes of an adventurer, letting you explore a vast and treacherous temple using your own feet. Keep your balance as you step from one moving block to another, dodging traps and solving puzzles with your torch and whip in hand.

Gameplay in Eye of the Temple has no interface elements or use of buttons, instead letting the player step, dodge, duck, and whip using solely their own body and hand movements. A unique platformer traversal mechanic lets the player lose themselves in the depths of the vast temple without teleportation, artificial locomotion, or other distractions taking them out of the immersion, whether making their way across a wide gorge, descending into deep mines, or escaping sizzling lava chambers.

Rune Skovbo Johansen said, “The response from people playtesting the game at events and in our Discord server has been fantastic. Even people new to VR can jump right into it, while veteran VR gamers tell me the immersion while traversing the world is unique compared to any other VR game they’ve tried.”

Eye of the Temple is scheduled for release on Steam (Windows) for SteamVR compatible VR headsets in 2020.