Final Guardian, Help the centaurs protect the remnant crystals

Fellow Warriors and Guardians, the TSAR Asian team has released Final Guardian (Windows & Mac) to and Game jolt.  It will provide you the experiences of being a power guardian to save the world!

“Leona (which is you) of the centaur race who is defending the last remnant crystal from the The centuars are the holy defenders of the remnant crystals which bind the to the shadow realm. Abethlor needs to destroy all of the remnant crystals to return to the material realm.”

Final guardian is a tower defensive style sandbox game. The players within the game control and main character they can build and also attack monsters. The goal of the game is to protect the crystal at the center of the map as long as possible, from the various monsters that spawns from the two sides of the map endlessly.

Players that are young or inexperienced with the game at first, can just play the game as it is, trying to fend off as many waves of monsters as possible before it gets the better of them. The senior, or more experienced players can choose to play the game differently. Building structures and defenses that are more effective or more aesthetically pleasing, writing off into many different place tales of the game.

Players can set different objectives for themselves rather than going for the straightforward objective of surviving as long as possible, such as building the most intricate defence system, or building the most aesthetically pleasing structure.

Defend Crystals:
The aim of the game that we have set is an endless survival mechanic. The player’s aim is to protect a crystal at the centre of the map from not being destroyed by monsters coming from the two sides of the map. The number of monsters coming from the two sides of the map is endless, and the difficulty of the game increases as time passes on, thus making it an endless survival game.