Fission Superstar X, Roguelite coming to Steam this autumn 2018

Turbo Pelvis 3000 announces its new roguelite Fission Superstar X to be released during fall 2018. The game will be available on Steam (Windows PC).

About Fission Superstar X:

Experience a weird, relentless solar tour in this randomly generated space rogue-lite. Travel from Planet X to Earth while fending off endless waves of attackers. What is the payload? A “superstar” nuclear bomb. What is the mission? To make her famous! Does it makes sense? Ask the “scientist” who built that thing!


-Fight using ranged and melee weapons while blocking attacks with your shield.

-Manage your bomber and make difficult choices: Do you repair that flaming part, heal that nearly-dead crewman or upgrade your stats?

-9 playable ships.

-Over 120 different possible crew members, from humans to space bears.

-64 different weapons, from puny rifles to nuclear mortars.

-Over 20 different scientifically inaccurate environments, such as space whale pods and planetary atmospheres.

-Over 70 enemy types with variations including, Scavengers, Fascist Cats and Pugs from space, Giant insects and Dr. Leopold’s experimental rejects.

-Fight giant bosses on 8 different worlds between Pluto and Earth.

-Around 32 different ship upgrades.

-Toggle randomization at the rogulator machine; how roguish do you like your game?