Floatlands – Surreal Survival-Exploration Game (Video)

Floatlands – Surreal Survival-Exploration Game Video


Floatlands are rising amidst dreamlike skies. Explore each island as you hop from one to another, discovering landmarks, dark forbidding caves and fascinating native foliage. You’ll meet and speak with NPCs as you take on an army of robot adversaries.

Alongside familiar survival gameplay elements like crafting and building, Floatlands offers exciting quests, fortresses to siege from deadly enemies, and a beautiful world to explore in your very own personal helicopter – the Buzzard.

Developer Team Floatlands and publisher Excalibur Games are today announcing a partnership to release Floatlands on PC. The game is intended to be pure escapism – a stunning, procedurally generated dreamscape that players can lose themselves in.

Crisp low-poly visuals, along with an epic, atmospheric original score, make the game a unique experience that’s about more than just survival. Take a look for yourself in our brand new trailer, and discover that Floatlands drives the player to explore, build and engage in deadly fire-fights.