FoodBall, unique combination of sports, races and food trailer

Cat-astrophe Games studio is working on a unique combination of sports, races and food. FoodBall offers, among other things, a story mode, differentiated characters/vehicles and extensive couch-style multiplayer mode. In the third quarter of 2020, FoodBall will be released on Nintendo Switch, Windows, Mac and Linux. Later the title will appear on Xbox One and maybe also other platforms.

The Polish studio Cat-astrophe Games is currently working on the title that simultaneously creates the unconventional adventure The Unholy Society and has also previously released on Nintendo Switch the space shooter Escape from the Universe. The publisher will be Gaming Factory S.A.

FoodBall combines a sports game with car racing. The gameplay is based on principles similar to soccer – the ball is replaced with, e.g. a tomato and instead of players will food trucks compete. The developers are preparing 3D graphics in pastel colors and an overhead view (isometric view).

The game we are creating may at first glance be associated with Rocket League. However, we propose a different approach to the subject. FoodBall will offer an extensive story mode with comic-book inserts and each of the characters will have its own history and unique skills that will have a significant impact on the gameplay. We attach special importance to local multiplayer modes (competition and cooperation) and good fun before one console/PC is one of our main objectives” says the CEO of Cat-astrophe Games, Paweł Wojciechowicz.

The story mode tells the stories of food truck owners who try to revolutionize the culinary world. Each of the 8 basic characters will have their specific and eccentric machine, unique recipes and skills (e.g. acceleration, freezing opponents and setting culinary traps). The creators emphasize that in practice playing each character will be a unique experience, and the right choice can have a decisive impact on the match.

As Paweł Wojciechowicz explains, FoodBall will also offer a differentiated pitches located in different parts of the world in which there will be plenty of random events and specific obstacles. You will also be able to significantly change the appearance of the vehicles.

Cat-astrophe Games studio is preparing a game that is the ideal proposition for those who like to have fun with family or friends in front of one console or computer. At the same time, however, players who prefer to play alone can also find many attractions. The mechanics itself will be based on the principle ‘Easy to play, hard to master’” says the CEO of Gaming Factory S.A., Mateusz Adamkiewicz.

FoodBall – main features:

  • The unique combination of sport, racing and food;

  • Crazy and unpredictable gameplay;

  • 8 characters/vehicles with unique skills;

  • Local multiplayer mode (2 to 4 players);

  • Pastel graphic design;

  • Tournaments and expanded story mode;

  • Numerous objects that change the appearance of the vehicles;

  • Easy to play, hard to master.

The premiere date of the new game by Cat-astrophe Games studio on Nintendo Switch and via Steam (Windows, Mac and Linux) has been scheduled for the 3rd quarter of 2020. The publishing plan also includes the release of the game on Xbox One, the publisher does not rule out releasing the title on other platforms.