Forged of Blood, turn-based tactical RPG on Windows PC

Critical Forge released its turn-based tactical RPG, Forged of Blood on Steam (Windows PC). Its epic 30-40 hour story bucks convention with fresh gameplay mechanics to mix up the genre. This includes a freeform character development system rather than traditional classes, coupled with a huge range of abilities. Forged of Blood’s revolutionary Spellcrafting system offers players the chance to create millions of spells, while its Tri-Axis Personality Index adds nuanced personality development that isn’t the generic binary of good vs evil.

Forged of Blood’s epic campaign sends players on a journey to win back control of a kingdom. As the second son of a murdered king, the hero must help his brother reclaim the throne of Attiras. To succeed he’ll need to gather skilled warriors to join him in the fight.

There is a huge toolset to finetune every fighter that joins the hero’s squad. Forged of Blood allows players to freely equip team members with any of nine weapons before entering into the turn-based, combat. Fighters can be further specialised by equipping one of six additional ability sets.

Combat isn’t limited to iron and steel in Forged of Blood. Every character can wield magic, though some are more attuned than others, and the  Magurite Spellcrafting system provides unprecedented levels of customisation. Choose between Thermal, Spirit and Arcane energies and then further adapt these powers suit any style of play. Select to make spells that Drain or Expel, then equip one of eight effects. Spells can then be made even more specific by adding up to five modifiers from 24 different options allowing for millions of spell combinations.

The game’s Tri-Axis Personality Index dictates how the world responds to interactions, offering nuance to every act. Choices affect the player’s Rationalism, Altruism or Headonism – drawing them towards different theologies. But decisions extend far beyond the moment as the world of Attiras reacts to the player’s reputation and past actions.

Every action and death will alter the outcome of Forged of Blood, as players fight their way towards the 64 possible ending combinations.

Key Features:

  • Utilise turn-based squad-based tactics in an epic fantasy tale

  • Nine varied weapons and abilities allow you to build a squad not constrained by class

  • Explore a vast and complex magic system that offers millions of options

  • A world at war – lead up to three parties and fight to reclaim an empire

  • Be the hero, with no right and wrong answer, every decision counts

  • The Tri-Axis Personality Plot affects how the people and the world react