Garden Story, Single-player adventure RPG set to launch next spring

VIZ Media announced GARDEN STORY, a new single-player social simulator and adventure RPG is scheduled to launch in Spring 2020. GARDEN STORY is developed by Picogram, and co-published by Rose City Games, developers of VIZ Media’s THE WORLD NEXT DOOR and CAT LADY games.

In GARDEN STORY, players take on the role of Concord, the newly appointed village guardian. There’s lots to keep this helpful adventurer busy; not only do your neighbors need assistance, but a mysterious Rot has also seeped into the foundations of the once flourishing island. Fortunately, Concord won’t be working at this alone. Help your friends with their struggles, and they’ll help you through yours. Balance caring for the environment, exploring new regions, and fostering new friendships as you solve puzzles and help restore the Grove to glory!

GARDEN STORY will be available for Windows PC and MacOS X platforms.

“GARDEN STORY is an exciting addition to VIZ’s growing game catalog,” says Brad Woods, Chief Marketing Officer, VIZ Media. “The game’s development furthers our position in the indie game space and builds upon our relationships with the talented indie studios and developers at Picogram and Rose City Games. No gardening experience is required!”

Developer and artist Picogram says, “I’ve always loved working with the talented people at Rose City Games, and I’ve been a big fan of VIZ Media’s work since I was a kid. To say the least, the journey to this point has been nothing short of wild! Believe it!”

“We met Picogram a couple years back at one of our community events with Portland Indie Game Squad, and we love what they do,” says Corey Warning, co-founder of Rose City Games. “I’m so excited that we get to be a part of making GARDEN STORY happen – it’s really something special!”