Gas Guzzlers Extreme, Car combat game PS4 release date trailer

PlayStation hools, get ready: publisher Iceberg Interactive and Gamepires – the creators of SCUM – bring Gas Guzzlers Extreme to the PS4 on November 26th. Loaded with twisted, metal fun – this release also includes the content of both Full Metal Frenzy and Full Metal Zombie DLCs.

Shoot, crush and destroy your enemies in this carnage of a death race.

Gas Guzzlers Extreme is an exciting new twist on the car combat experience, with the addition of furious team combat battles. Start out with low performance vehicles and rapidly work your way up to high-performance models, by earning money in a series of hi-octane races and arena battles.

But things are about to get freaky, as a zombie apocalypse takes over! Get armed to the teeth and exploit all the insane power-ups to obliterate the hordes of the undead. Won’t be easy though – these brain-munching dudes fight back, and have weapons of their own, plus running over too many of them will make your wheels slip in gore… well, let’s just say you don’t want them feasting over you.

Gas Guzzlers Extreme is packed with tons of unique humor, personality and above all, content. The game includes 12 game modes, 42 tracks, 12 arenas, 8 different environments, 21 customizable and upgradable cars with 12 unique weapon types and 22 distinct zombie variants to wreak havoc and total carnage.