Goat of Duty, ‘Community Update’ is available

Never one to butt in without reason, 34BigThings announced that Goat of Duty fans are in for a major treat when they load the game up – and we’re not kidding.

Everyone’s favourite horn-based multiplayer shooter today sees the launch of a massive ‘Community Update’, featuring scores of new features suggested by the packs of players who have already entered the field of play since Goat of Duty.

Most notably, the fresh update brings in a ranking system and global/per game mode leaderboards to add an extra layer of competition to proceedings. Players will now receive GOAT Points at the end of each encounter based on the skill they demonstrated in play. GOAT Scores for each mode are then combined to provide a Global GOAT Score, enabling each player to see just how they compare to the world’s best.

According to 34BigThings, four main factors influence a player’s final GOAT points at the end of each game:

  • How many kills they scored: the more they kill other players, the more points they gain.
  • How many times they were killed: players lose points the more times they die.
  • How much of the match they actually played (to balance out late joiners).
  • The gap between a player’s  GOAT score for that game mode and the average score of the whole lobby determines how much they lose/gain per kill/death. This means a kill against a more experienced player is worth more, while getting killed by ‘noobs’ will lose a player more points.
  • (In Markhor Tag, only a player’s kills as Markhor or getting killed by the Markhor count: players won’t gain or lose points when killing or getting killed by regular players.)

“Goat of Duty’s debut couldn’t have gone better, but we don’t like to hear our fans bleating, so we decided to aim at them, responding to the scores of suggestions they’ve made over the last couple of weeks,” said Ivano Zanchetta, Game Director. “GOAT Score is going to bring a fresh competitive element to play, adding to the already manic nature of multiplayer.“

Players will be able to boost their GOAT Score if, in team-based modes, they are part of the winning team, or in other modes if they make it onto the podium. Players will also lose points if they disconnect before the end of the match.

Also included in the Community Update:

  • Private Matches – Players can now create and invite friends in a private lobby.
  • Sound Occlusion – Play benefits from more believable and realistic sounds.
  • Joining an ongoing match now starts with five seconds of freecam before joining the game so players can understand the game mode and map they’re taking on.
  • Gentle host disconnection – Clients are no more kicked to main menu but gentle accompanied to the celebration screen.
  • A find match feature.
  • Maps and weapons optimisations and improvements.
  • Various bug fixes.

Goat of Duty is available on Steam Early Access for Windows.