Headspun, FMV/Adventure hybrid has launched

Continuing the FMV revival, Wales Interactive announced the release of Headspun on Steam (Windows PC), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Nintendo Switch version will follow with the launch on 30th August.

Jamin Smith, Director of Superstring says “Headspun was an idea born out of reading too many pop-psychology books; I loved the concept of the competing voices in our heads and wanted to personify the different drives and desires that form our personalities. Choosing live-action – in part – to tell that story seemed like a natural fit. I’m incredibly proud of the end result; a true genre-hybrid that fuses elements of the Adventure, RPG and FMV genres into something new. 

David Banner, Co-founder & Director of Wales Interactive adds “Until now, our collection of FMV games consisted entirely of fullscreen filmed footage, usually with a unique game mechanic that sets them apart. Superstring threw away that rulebook and came up with something entirely unique; a concoction of genres that blend perfectly, with mechanics that complement each one. When approached by Jamin about collaborating on Headspun, it was a no-brainer for us. We’re extremely excited for the multi-platform launch which starts today and ends with Nintendo Switch later this week.”

About Headspun

After waking from a five week coma, Theo Kavinsky finds his life in disrepair, and with no memory of the accident, it’s up to Ted and Teddy – the conscious and subconscious voices in his head – to work out what happened, and put his life back on track.

Headspun is a game about recovery, discovery, and the ongoing battle between logic and emotion.

  • Rich FMV story-telling
  • Branching dialogue – sway the outcome of your interactions
  • Rebuild Cortex – earn Neuros to hire staff and commission renovations
  • Retreive Lost Memories and work out what happened the night of Theo’s accident
  • Original Synthwave Score from Soho Loop