HEXTERMINATE Reveal Trailer (Video)

HEXTERMINATE Reveal Trailer Video

A first glimpse of HEXTERMINATE™.

The trailer shows the thrilling experience of using collected Hex Modules to expand players’ ships, and then taking the ships out to battle with competing factions across the galaxy of HEXTERMINATE™. With six enemy factions racing to defend the galaxy from your imperial conquest, pissing off all six factions will result in spectacular space battles.

HEXTERMINATE™ is a 2D space conquest and looting arcade-style game. As you conquer the galaxy sector by sector, the metagame does not pause – competing factions continue to claim sectors and challenge your supremacy. Featuring a Diablo-style loot system and a Skyrim-inspired perk upgrade system, HEXTERMINATE™ offers an incredible adventure with one reminder: “This Galaxy is Ours.”