Hive Jump (Video)

Hive Jump Video

Hive Jump is a Run ‘n Gun Roguelike Platformer for 1-4 Players where space marines called Jumpers fight hive-dwelling aliens for the fate of the galaxy!

Grab your Backpack. The transponder backpack is our unique twist on permadeath. Jumpers are expendable, but the backpack is not. Keep it alive to keep receiving reinforcements in the hive! If the aliens destroy the backpack, you’re down to your last life!

Grab your Friends. Play with up to four players in local co-op, or online via Steam! Invite your Steam friends to play with you, or make new friends via matchmaking!

Nuke the Queen. Blast your way through procedurally generated hives full of hazards, swarms of aliens, and ferocious bosses. Do you and your friends have what it takes to deliver the payload and nuke the queen? Or will you end up as bug food like all the rest?