Horse Farm, simulation game available on Nintendo Switch

Now the greatest happiness on earth cannot only be found in the saddle of a horse but also while playing with your Switch. Horse Farm is available for the Nintendo games console.

In this simulation game players become managers of their own horse farm and take care of the guests’ as well as the horses’ wishes. Visitors have their own needs and request a comfortable lodge as well as customized leisure activities. Sustenance also has to be provided by the players.

Of course the hoofed animals also cannot get the short end of the stick on a horse farm. Players feed and foster their four-legged friends and let them take part in tournaments on a regular basis. Before attending tournaments the motto is: Practice, practice and even more practice! If the horses get ill, the veterinarian will be ready to cure them.

You can also breed new horses in Horse Farm. During the breeding process the horses’ different characters and skills will be combined and passed on to the foals. As your farm grows purebred Andalusians, Hanoverians or mixed-bloods from different horse kinds will gallop across the farm and enchant your guests.

The game enthuses players due to a broad variety of individualization possibilities. The buildings can be designed and expanded according to the players’ wishes. These upgrades generate greater incomes and this earned money can be invested into the expansion of the horse farm.

Horse Farm provides a relaxed and long lasting gaming entertainment for fans of casual simulations and horse lovers.