Hyperforma, Cyberpunk puzzler coming to Switch in September

HeroCraft and indie developer Nord Unit have cracked the code to the release date of the Cyberpunk Puzzler, Hyperforma, releasing on the Nintendo Switch on September 5, 2019. In Hyperforma, you merge with an ancient network to uncover the mysteries surrounding a vanished society. While exploring cyberspace, you run into ancient masters that guard secrets and consider you an enemy to the system.
Level up and earn new abilities that allow you to hack into increasingly complex systems. With over 80 levels, there are many mind-boggling puzzles to solve and ancient bosses to defeat. Each hacked system will bring you one step closer to finding the answers you seek.

Hyperforma is a fun story-driven puzzler in a cyberpunk setting that puts your problem-solving skills to the test.

Key Features

●       Explore the ancient network, an artifact of a vanished civilization.
● Titanic ancient bosses to defeat: In the ancient network, you are the enemy. To get the answers you seek, you must hack your way through complex systems, including ancient beings that don’t want you to proceed.
●       Become a master hacker: There are over 80 puzzles for you to crack.
● Brick-breaker gameplay leveled up: With many abilities available throughout the campaign, take brick-breaker gameplay to all-new levels with mechanics and features not yet associated with classic brick-breaker gameplay.
●       Story-driven campaign: Uncover the mysteries surrounding a lost civilization.

Hyperforma is an award-winning game for iOS devices that has been completely redone to feel native to the Nintendo Switch. Including UI changes, button mapping, an all-new VERSUS local co-op mode, and much more.