Immortal Redneck, a RogueLite First Person Shooter (Video)

Immortal Redneck, a RogueLite First Person Shooter Video

Immortal Redneck features all kinds of crazy and that’s a fact! You are a redneck holidaying in Egypt (so far, so normal) when an accident befalls you. You wake up to discover that you are mummified in a sarcophagus in ancient Egypt. WOAH! How did you get there? How did you survive the accident? And why the heck are you mummified?! The answers lie inside the three danger filled pyramids of Giza, all protected by an army of monsters and huge (like, HUGE) bosses whose sole aim is to kill you. A lot. Your only chance to discover what is happening will be to get inside the pyramids and kill all the enemies. Obviously!

Each of the three massive pyramids in Immortal Redneck contains procedurally generated dungeons, all with different sets of enemies and bosses, ensuring every play through is different. Died did you? Well, the next time you head in to that pyramid the layout will be completely different. With every death you will have to face a new and unique layout of rooms and traps.

Immortal Redneck features nine playable character classes each with their own traits and characteristics, a complete skill tree where you can upgrade your skills, unlock new classes and abilities, along with over 50 weapons from the traditional to the unique (did someone mention a potato launcher). Oh, and permanent death.

Mixing old-school first person shooter action with rogue lite mechanics, Immortal Redneck is aimed squarely at hardcore gamers that like their gameplay frantic, their controls twitchy, their style arcadey and their games shooty!