Infinity Wars: Reborn (Video)

Infinity Wars: Reborn Video

Infinity Wars: Reborn is the world’s first fully-animated trading card game, bringing life into a genre known for still images. Simultaneous-turn battles enable players and enemies to attack and defend against each other at the same time. The inclusion of an undo button allows even the most detrimental misplay to be reversed.

Infinity Wars’ Commander System determines which cards can join a deck and guarantees players’ access to their favorite cards throughout the match. Cards are arranged on 3D battlefields divided into offensive and defensive sections, where players must balance protecting their fortress with penetrating enemy lines.
Infinity Wars: Reborn offers two types of PvP game modes, Draft and Constructed. Constructed mode offers a number of previously made deck options, including fixed deck, which gives newcomers a gentle introduction to deck building and strategy. In the highly competitive Draft mode, players build their deck on the fly before being thrust into battle against a human opponent.