Insane Robots coming to PS4, Xbox One, Windows & Mac

A riotous robot rebellion fought with fiendish card battles. It’s FTL meets Battle Royale in a card game. Can you defeat The Kernel and save robotkind? Play the deep single-player campaign or compete in intense local and online multiplayer in Insane Robots! Insane Robots is a unique card battler with a brave tale of robot rebellion. Its a quirky, “rogue-lite” 2D strategy game where you battle for survival with token-based skirmishes in random-generated arenas. Each tournament brings tales of loyalty and betrayal; cold logic and insane risk. Power up your robot, lock down your slots, hack your opponent and launch your attack.

Discover branching, reactive stories; strange and rare augments; special boosts that bring surprising twists; dynamic hazards like the acid cloud or ring of death; and deadly enemy robots ready to fight you and each other. Only a cunning player can survive the tournaments, unlock enough memory fragments and overthrow the Kernel to discover the terrible truth. Coming to PC (Windows, Mac), Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2018.


  • Overthrow the despotic robot ruler
  • Master the 22-token battle deck
  • Survive randomly generated arenas
  • Compete in intense local and online ranked 2P multiplayer
  • Play the deep 15+ hour single-player campaign
  • Beat deadly hazards in five arena environments
  • Unlock 43 robots and find over 100 augments
  • Over 150 illustrated branching story events
  • No CCG – avoid costly expansions and time-consuming customisation