Invisigun Reloaded on Switch, Windows, Mac, Linux & PS4

Sombr Studio announced that their stealth battle adventure, Invisigun Reloaded, is now available worldwide for Windows and Mac (Steam), Nintendo Switch, and Sony PlayStation®4. The release expands upon its predecessor, Invisigun Heroes, with new Switch and PC crossplay, 12 heroes with unique abilities, 72 playable maps, and single-player campaigns for each hero. The game scored a 92% positive rating and was TotalBiscuit’s 2017 game of the year, topping a list that included AAA and high-profile indie titles.

Risk versus reward guides the player’s journey through challenging the world with local/online multiplayer and the full-length single player campaign. Environmental tells such as footprints, sounds, and other disturbances exposes opponents as players hunt each other down to victory.  A massive amount of lovingly-made environments, maps, modes, and abilities – all obsessively balanced – combine for high replayability and a deep path to mastery.

“I wanted to create something that was immediately approachable for casual party play, but also captures the ever-evolving human ingenuity and adaptability for the competitive scene,” says developer Shadi Muklashy, whose previous credits include 2012’s Hawken. “Something that resonated through all the convention demos was that players could be victorious through their creativeness alone. Defeating other players isn’t reliant on reflexes or twitch reactions, but can be achieved by planning and outsmarting them.”

Experience a stealth battle game based on invisibility that is unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Lose yourself!