Jalopy, Xbox One edition fixed up and roadworthy

Jalopy, the genre-defining, engine-fixing, windscreen-wiping road trip simulator is out now on Xbox One. With over half a million players on Windows PC, Jalopy has made its console debut and is available on Xbox One via the Microsoft Store.

Prepare for an epic road trip through the former Eastern Bloc. With economic decline suffocating the world around you, scavenge what parts you can for your trusty Laika and smuggle forbidden goods past border guards to make extra profit, if you dare. The road ahead provides opportunity as well as danger.

Navigate miles and miles of tire changing, fuel burning, carburetor busting, mud clattering terrain, through night and day, rain and shine. Adapt to whatever the procedurally generated world of Jalopy can throw at you.

Upgrade, maintain and care for your Laika 601 Deluxe motor vehicle. Keep close attention to everything from the state of your tires, the condition of your engine and even the space in your trunk. Repair each aspect of your scrappy little car and install unique upgrades to deal with the changing world. Everything from cargo weight to the condition of your carburetor will determine how your car performs on the open road.

Jalopy is developed by Greg Pryjmachuk, who worked on the Codemasters Formula 1 franchise from 2009 to 2014.