JumpHead: Battle4Fun!, “Delirious brawler” on Windows PC & Switch

Light Maze and JumpHead Team released  JumpHead: Battle4Fun! A crazy party game where all jumps are allowed!

Jump on the heads of your friends to accumulate the most points possible! Do you think this goal is too easy? Think again, get ready to meet bombs, explosions, demolition bullets, and many other bonuses to grab hold of the others to boost your champions and rage your friends… or your family!

Your skills will be put to the test in this dynamic game where even the time becomes totally crazy: try to anticipate your leaps in an extremely slooow dimension… or try to keep up the pace of the game despite a fully accelerated time!!

Compete up to 4 players locally on 30 different arenas, which will offer you a challenge and always more surprises!

JumpHead: Battle4Fun will spice up your parties and make your friends completely crazy, thanks to its universe mixing humor and “pop culture” references.

Get some trophies with different delirious tools: wear the Tesla hat to give a few shots of juice or light the fire with a Jumpdoken but above all… do not lose your head!

JumpHead: Battle4Fun! available on Windows PC and Nintendo Switch