Kaet Must Die! launches for PC on April 5, 2018 – Demo Available

Independent developer Strength in Numbers Studios is proud to announce that Kaet Must Die! will be ready to make players around the world scream when it launches for PC (via Steam) on April 5, 2018, with Nintendo Switch™, Xbox One, Oculus Rift, and HTC VIVE versions coming soon.

Designed to be the most brutal, unforgiving game ever made with plenty of jump scares and unlimited deaths thrown in for good measure, Kaet Must Die! is a first-person, horror puzzle game that finds players taking on the role of Kaetheran, a powerful psionicist who has woken up alone in a dark sewer. Stripped of her powers and surrounded by an army of unholy creatures who have one mission – to kill her – players must help Kaetheran survive through exploration and deciphering clues to solve puzzles, gain new abilities, and unravel the mystery as to why literally everyone and everything wants her to die.

The Kaet Must Die! demo on Steam, featuring an early build of the title’s first level.

“You’re all going to die. I swear,” promised Strength in Numbers CEO, Scott Rescheke. “Kaet Must Die! is difficult by design and we’ve created a world where death lurks around every corner. But don’t despair! We’ll be right there with you the whole time and are looking forward to meeting everyone up for free scares and good times at PAX East this year as we celebrate the official launch of Kaet Must Die!.”

Kaet Must Die! unique features include:
– Brutal Difficulty: Expect to die. A lot. Kaet Must Die! finds players exploring hostile environments filled with enemies around every corner who can kill you with a single touch
– True Horror: Turn up the volume and turn down the lights. Kaet Must Die! will make players jump from their seats as they follow cryptic clues and unravel the mystery as to why everyone wants to kill you
– Darkness and Insanity: Time spent in the safety of the shadows will cause your insanity meter to rise, drawing the attention of the dreaded blood witch Annalinnia
– Challenging Puzzles: Players must pay close attention to their environment, following cryptic clues to solve the game’s many puzzles to proceed. Don’t expect any hand holding or hints