Linelight (Video)

Linelight Video

Set in a world made entirely of lines, Linelight’s 300 levels and six worlds are filled with Zen-like music, rich gameplay mechanics, and elegant design that distill the puzzle genre down to its very foundation.
Take control over one very special line – named “Dash” – and explore the puzzles and mysteries of Linelight. The controls are irreducibly simple: Move.
Activate color-coded switches to create a “bridge.” Watch out for red moving lines – friendly in appearance, deadly on contact. Combine familiar gameplay mechanics to come up with one-of-a-kind solutions for exultant “Aha!” moments. 🙂
Linelight’s simple presentation belies a world of rich complexities and secrets. Keep an eye out for stars, and concentrate to discover secret pathways that expand the scope of your journey. Can you keep cool, keep Dash safe, and follow the path to its ultimate end?