Ling: A Road Alone, top-down hack and slash game on PS4

Following the call of inner heart, the young man starts another journey of adventure. Faced with tough enemies and fierce fights, it is not certain whether the young man can reach the “final”. The only choice is moving forward with determination and clenched fists swinging a great sword.

Ling: A Road Alone is a top-down hack and slash game. The player will start a journey of finding his true self from snow mountain to sand dune. One of the many unique gameplay mechanisms is the hit feedback. Timing the hit is key to beat the game. Players can experience the joy of fight with sword and fists. When playing Ling, the player’s skill and strategy will be tested by various enemies and BOSSes with different battle styles

Developed by Chautauqua Software and published by Winking Entertainment, Ling is available on PS4.

In the world of Ling, only fists can break destiny, and only the sword can cleave the chains. Even though it means another solitary journey, the decision is made to get to “that place” with utmost efforts.